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It’s quite simple, we care about you and your business.

When we represent you as your marketing firm, we form a partnership with a vested interest in your business.

For over two decades, our founder worked in radio, television and newspaper industries with some of the largest groups in the country. As she dealt with many agencies on a daily business, she saw that they didn’t always do what was best for their clients. So we’re lucky (and so are you) to have learned from other people’s mistakes.

We’re also a “mother/daughter” team and we work well together because we’ve been a team for almost 30 years! We promise that we know how to get your advertising to reach a more targeted market. We don’t practice a shotgun marketing approach that so many businesses practice. We provide you with a tailored marketing strategy aimed at achieving you business goals, supported by our talented staff and interns. We’re focused.

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