Choosing the Right Advertising Mediums

Advertising Mediums
Businesses have a big decision to make before they start advertising. Choosing the advertising medium(s) you’ll pursue is crucial to getting your ad campaign off to a good start. Use this comprehensive look at the various ad mediums to find the right path for your own campaign.

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Catalog Copy
Creating a Flyer
POP Goes Your Advertising
Promoting Your Business with Cartoon Maps
The Value of a Newsletter

Choosing Advertising Mediums
If money were no object, it would be easy to decide which advertising medium to go with. All of them! Unfortunately, the reality is that even with a hefty advertising budget, it is a challenge to create memorable advertising. So unless you have truckloads of money to spend, you should choose carefully. What works for one product or service may not work for the next. There are so many different variables that can affect the results of an advertising campaign—from ad copy to the weather. Advertising is an art, not a science!

Newspaper Advertising
Broadcast TV Advertising – Free Registration for Advertiser Resources
Cable TV Advertising
– Magazine Advertising

– Radio Advertising
– Billboard Advertising
– Bathroom Advertising
– Online Advertising
– Direct Mail

Cost-Effective Advertising
Every company has a limit on its ad spending and the cost of advertising adds up quickly. Whether you have a large budget with a few bucks left over or you’re on a budget diet, these low cost advertising methods can expose your company to potential customers.

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* Unleashing Your Ad Dollars in Newspapers
* Offline Advertising for Your Online Presence
* Yellow Pages Advertising
* Creating a Newsletter
* Using Your Web Site to Advertise Your Business