Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Face it… in advertising, nothing works 100% of the time.  But you have to do it. When advertising your business, it’s important to have a good mix… the right mix… of  mediums so you can reach the right people.Providing wide reach and immediacy, newspapers provide broad-based reach and geographic precision and consumers have a relationship with their daily and weekly newspapers.  Reading a newspaper is usually a morning or evening ritual.  Newspapers enable advertisers to have their advertisements appear quickly – closing dates are generally just a couple of days before publication.  Newspapers offer editorial compatible with their subject-specific sections.  And newspapers offer high frequency opportunities with most of the majors publishing daily.

To be effective, your message must be consistent.

The Missoulian is Missoula’s daily newspaper and is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulation and reports net paid circulation twice a year. Average net paid circulation for the period from October 1 through March 31 is reported in April. Average net paid circulation for the period from April 1 through September 30 is reported in October. The Missoulian is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation annually. The Audit Bureau of Circulation considers paid circulation to be all copies sold at 25 percent of the regular price or greater. ABC Average Net Paid Circulation of the daily paper is approx. 25,000.

Visit Montana’s newspaper websites by clicking on the names to the right. Each name is linked to their website where you may also be able to locate rate information.

Montana Daily Newspapers

Billings: Gazette
Bitterroot: Star
Bozeman: Chronicle
The Bozone Entertainment and Events
Butte: Montana Standard
Flathead Valley: Flathead Beacon
Great Falls:Tribune
Helena: Independent Record
Hamilton: Ravalli Republic
Havre: Daily News
Kalispell: Inter Lake
Livingston: Enterprise
Miles City: Star
Missoula: Missoulian

Montana Non-Daily Newspapers

Baker: Fallon County Times
Bigfork: Eagle
Browning: Glacier Reporter
Chester: Liberty County Times
Choteau: Acantha
Clancy: Jefferson County Courier
Columbia Falls: Hungry Horse News
Columbus: Stillwater County News
Cut Bank: Pioneer Press
Eureka: Tobacco Valley News
Glasgow: Courier
Laurel: Outlook
Lewistown: News-Argus
Libby: Western News
Lone Peak: Lookout
Polson: Lake County Leader
Red Lodge: Carbon County
Shelby: Promoter
Sidney: Herald-Leader
Stevensville: Bitterroot Star
Townsend: Star
Whitefish: Pilot