Plan Your Marketing and Follow Your Plan

Marketing Tutorials

Check out these free interactive workshops that provide you with the know-how to market your business. You’ll discover in-depth solutions in these online workshops. We all have an aversion to doing anything on our job that doesn’t immediately help the situation we’re now experiencing. However, isn’t it also true that a little foresight and action before the fact can help eliminate many of the problems we face each day. Wouldn’t it be nice to anticipate something like a price cut by your major competitor or a rise in the interest rate on your credit line? Of course it would. And with that anticipation comes an organized and effective response. That’s what planning does.

Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
Identifying Your Sales Strategy
Building Your Brand
Promoting Your Business
Advertising Your Business

Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Every moneymaking marketing campaign started with a well-developed advertising strategy. Use these methods to get your ad campaign on the right track before you even begin advertising your business and its products/services. Many people associate a plan with start-up companies. Often our first exposure to a marketing plan is for the purpose of convincing investors and lenders that we have a viable idea at which they should throw money. That’s not what we’re developing here.

Your Marketing Plan
Creating A Plan of Action
Developing Your Start-Up’s Ad Strategy
New Online Business Ad Solutions
Five Keys to Getting Customers

Managing Your Own Marketing Campaign

There’s more to a company’s marketing campaign than throwing together some words, slapping some pictures on a page and calling it an advertisement. Manage your own ad campaign like an advertising professional with these tools.

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10 Ways to Blow Your Advertising Campaign
Capitalizing on Creative
5 Advertising Books for Business Owners
10 Ways to Get Customers to Buy Now
Testing Your Advertising Idea
Quick and Easy Incentives to Attract Customers
How to Make Sure the Media Never Covers Your Company Again