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Marketplace Media offers Social Media Consulting and Training to simplify your online marketing! Not having your business represented online is no longer an option. Our social media experts know how to utilize it to increase your online business presence.

Social Media can be time consuming and often requires a comprehensive creative understanding of your brand which few employees have. We teach you how to effectively manage your social media pages as well as help you understand why social media is important and which pages are right for you.

Social Platforms:

Facebook – with over a billion members Facebook is the number one social network right now. Recent studies show that Facebook fans have a direct affect on the value of your business.  Almost every business has a Facebook page, yet very few are doing it right.  Ten years ago businesses were lamenting the lack of results from their websites – now we hear that same complaint about Facebook. However, if it is done correctly, Facebook can be your most effective social platform.

Twitter – What started as a small side project has become one of the most successful social media platforms. Twitter is developing in to a breaking news feed as well as a social network. The media loves Twitter.  We can help you optimize your tweeting, grow your following, find influencers and use the Twitter promotional  services.

Pinterest – Currently the fastest growing social platform Pinterest taps into the trend for visual content. The aspirational and inspirational nature of the content on Pinterest is driving both traffic and sales. We can help you figure out if Pinterest is right for your business and how to strategically build the right boards and pins.

LinkedIn – The best social network for BtoB firms. The new LinkedIn Professional Portfolio makes it a great place to visually showcase your expertise and creativity. LinkedIn is used extensively by the media, so it’s vital to  have a robust visual profile for all experts and executives.

 Google Plus – Whether you think Google Plus is important is irrelevant – Google does! There is ample evidence that an active G+ account makes a difference to your Google ranking. Google Authorship and +1′s from people with a good G+ account can boost your rankings quite dramatically.  Some thought leaders have stated that they prefer G+ to Twitter.  Learn how to setup your page and develop an effective following.  G+ has some feature that are not in any of the other social networks, like Circles and Hangouts. We can show you how to make the most of these features.

We’ll evaluate your current online and social media presence and give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. We’ll help you create an integrated social media plan and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!

Video Marketing

We also offer powerful training for video marketing.  If you are having trouble finding your business on top in Google, video marketing “the right way” can help you get there. Video Marketing can be extremely beneficial and is still fairly new for businesses to utilize as a marketing tool, so don’t let your competitors do it first.

Video hosting can be a real marketing asset for your business. Many businesses don’t appreciate all the benefits of online video to their social media marketing. The two platforms clearly stand out when it comes to hosting online videos are currently YouTube and Vimeo.

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